Body Treatments

Infrared Solo Sauna

Our Sauna isn’t just any ordinary sauna. Our sauna is an Infrared Solo Sauna, that means there is only one person in at a time, you are lying down versus the traditional alpine sauna that you sit in. Lying down versus sitting allows the muscles to relax very quickly because they are not being used.  The infrared heat penetrates the muscles at a much deeper level than a traditional sauna.  This allows for muscle stress and tension relief. With the infrared sauna you can gain the benefits of sweating at lower temperatures. Infrared technology works with the natural energy in your body by warming your core temperature instead of heating the air like traditional saunas. This way you are able to withstand longer amounts of time in the sauna.

Added benefits of the Infrared Solo Sauna:

  • Detoxification
  • Lowered blood Pressure
  • Boosted Metabolism
  • Weight Loss
  • Pain Relief

-35 minutes-$45

-55 minutes-$60

-35 minutes-$35 with 60 minute massage 

Body Scrubs

Experience invigorating health benefits from our exfoliating body scrubs.  A full body cleansing and exfoliation from our exquisite marriage of sea salts, natural sugars, and essential oils infusions. Intensely soften skin and seal in moisture with this brisk and effective treatment.

Every body exfoliation is followed up with nourishing moisturizers, including fresh hot towel service.

-45 minutes to 60 minutes-$55

-Add on 30 minutes to a massage-$40


Our Policy

Cancellation: A credit card number will be taken for all appointments. Please make cancellation 24 hours prior to your scheduled service to avoid cancellation charge. If appointments are not cancelled within our designated time frame, there will be a $35 charge to your card. Thank you for your cooperation. Please arrive 10-15 mins early. If late session may be cut short.